Monday, March 23, 2009

peking duck, this is how we do it

Karl's dad is the "Director of Academic Initiatives for Asia" for USU so he comes to China a couple of times a year to teach. He invited Karl to come teach because of his economic skills, his teaching skills, and his Chinese skills. I invited myself to come along.
My dad said, "I could go to China just to eat."
There you have it. It is genetic. I have inherited my love of food. And there is no shame in the fact that, "I am just here for the food."

Because he is a professor, they give Karl's dad the royal treatment here (when will America learn how to treat teachers?). And I love being a part of this (when will my family learn how to treat Mommies? Just kidding. Kind of. Maybe). One of the benefits is that they take us out to eat and as soon as we walk in the place we are led to fancy private rooms and someone orders us a beautiful, well balanced meal of about a dozen different dishes, put it on the giant lazy susan in the middle of the table (a great way to eat, I love it), and the feasting begins.
. For a food nerd like me, well, it is just perfect.

The nice people took us to Peking Duck. It was so neat to see the guy cutting it up. They taught us to take the pieces of crispy skin and dip them in a little bit of coarse sugar. The sugary, salty, crispy, oily combo we so good. Totally worth the fat and calories. Then they showed us how to take pieces of meat, dip the in the sauce, add a little onion, cucumber, and roll it up in a thin crepe like wrapper.
If you know me, you know I was crazy about the precise presentation in the square dishes.
Some firsts for me at this meal: the skin of duck feet (once is probably enough), the sweet bean squares (we have something similar in Japanese food), and something they just called sea vegetable (in a vinegary sauce that I was absolutely crazy about. I definitely ate more than my share of this dish).

We stopped at the grocery store. Rafaelo's, man these guys are smart. Beautiful cakes. The bottom right one made me giggle. And point. Just like a kid. And some Chinglish. Because, in my neck of the woods, we celebrate being nerdy.


Malea said...

mmm...Rafaelo's.....K I'm back. Oh man, your posts are making my eyes leak tears, I want to go back soo bad! The one thing I loved about going to Clifford are the catered 6 hour meals. Did he have those after you guys got there? It was a good thing it was humid, so I could sweat it off a bit or else I wouldn't have stood a chance. Glad you are having a great time!

Malea said...

ps, my friend Erin (who you linked to from my blog) was trying to click on your blog but she couldn't, must have had technical difficulties, I'll tell her your back.

five-one-and-a-half said...

Wow the presentation of all the food is gorgeous. Too bad I could never eat the feet-skin off of ANY animal.... But at least it all looks pretty :)

Courtney said...

Why didn't I try to stuff myself into your luggage?

Michelle said...

I think we may have eaten at Peking Duck with Ben's mom. Did they have a big duck in the front (I know that doesn't sound like something you would see at an expensive restaraunt, but it would be common in China)?

Heath'e' said...

What fun! Sounds like your having an amazing time!! Yum to the food, I'm hungry from just looking. Jealous, jealous!


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