Friday, March 13, 2009

i loved the year of the pink cowboy boots

Tonight I was looking through old photos and found this one.  I love it.  You went and got a bucket so you could reach the wind chime.  I like to say, "Oh, Eva, you used to be so cute!" and then laugh because I think I am funny.  But, seriously, you really were (and you still are).


amelia and crew said...

I HAVE to tell you, this sounds so psycho stalker of me, but I think about those boots...a lot. I remember her in them at a family party with a leopard print(?) dress. I could not not believe how fashionable she looked and I longed (and still do) for a girl who wanted to dress like that someday. We'll see if Franny lives up to my expectations.

Abbigail said...

We got Kitty some pink boots at Smithfield imp. and she has only worn them a few times. I think that they are too nice and stiff that they are not that comfy. She looks really rad when she wears them. Especially if she rides her tricycle while wearing them. She tries to live up to the coolness of her big cousin.


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