Monday, February 9, 2009

The Aquarium

Holiday get togethers always seem to spark conversations of how we should get together more often.  This time, we actually did.  Thanks, Jen.  We went to the aquarium.  The aquarium that I often pass by and think, "We should go there sometime."  Eva was in school so it was just Samuel.  He just ran around like his usual self.  
At one point he yells for me and points to a very creepy sight.  An arm (which I am sure was attached to a live body but you couldn't see it, that is why it was so creepy) is in the fish tank.  He is totally grossed out and keeps asking me what it is doing (cleaning the gunk off those green plant things, I suppose) and keeps responding, "I need it to stop!"  (I did too, but I tried to stay calm).

See all those kids, happy to be there, happy to oblige to one single photo for memory's sake?  Then, see Samuel.  He got two pieces of gum just to sit on the rock.  I ran out of gum so I couldn't get him to look at the camera.  Smart kid.
Jen, Shelly and Laura, it was good to see you and all your cute kids.
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Jensen family said...

I love your blog and the funny things your kids do! They crack me up!

Abbigail said...

that arm scares me too.

Buchanans said...

Hello Cute Blog!! Im now feeling inadequate :) Your header is darling...I'm going to have to get some tips!


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