Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eva's Christmas Program

Here is Eva in her kindergarten Christmas program. She sang her heart out. She loved it. And we loved watching her.

Her teacher is amazing. She got all choked up when she talked about how great her students are. I love that Eva is in such good hands.
The snow really came down during the short progam. Eva helped Karl shovel the driveway before he went back to work.

And since we are on the topic...
Eva, I thought this might be a good time to bring up some more of your skills:
-You can get your daddy to make you French toast, AND cut it into little strips, AND eat it at the tiny table with you.
-You can take your mommy's hat off her head, put it on yours, and look fabulous all night.
-You can multitask (You were horrified that I took this picture. As anyone would be, I suppose. I am sorry. I think one day you will think it is funny, too. I hope).
-You can get your mommy to take you to Burger King and order you Kraft Mac n Cheese, fries and chocolate milk (white flour noodles, fake orange cheese, deep fried over salted potatoes, and milk with added sugar and high fructose corn syrup... I just have a hard time considering it a meal) AND let you play in that play place that I am not sure how they can possibly ever sufficiently sanitize in the middle of the cold season. You can also wear the crown to school, just because, and you can get your teacher to let you wear it the whole day.
Oh, Eva. You amaze me.
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Malea said...

The potty shot. Is. Priceless.

Adri said...

What a sweet little girl. Love the potty picture.


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