Monday, January 14, 2008


We all like to get a little crafty. Ingenuity is valued here.
1 blanket and a couple of kids makes for hours of fun.
A chair, a cookbook, a few (ok, a lot of) dishes and cups, and we have our own cooking show.
Two cups and we have binoculars (or bUnaculars as Samuel would say).
Two faces some Scotch tape and we have instant pig noses.
A blanket, some dishes, and some cookies make a tea party.
A kid can be a chair.
Rip up pieces of paper and a little bit of tape and we have clowns.
Two dolls and a few animal friends make a Nativity Scene.
And the creativity doesn't end there...

Take a perfectly good Island Princess Barbie doll and some scissors and you get Makeover Barbie. Front view, side view.
One boy alone with one jumbo jar of Eucerin and you have well moisturized lips, fingers, and couch.
One little boy plus a entire jar of bathtub tablets and you get a photo friendly tub, hides the parts, no bubbles needed.

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