Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do You Think Calgon Will Take Me Away?


1. Husband didn't do something he said he was going to.
2. Got on the scale, although I wasn't surprised, I wasn't pleased. At all.
3. Realized I lost my cell phone somewhere. Was pretty sure it was in Logan but still spent half the day looking and relooking for it.  
4. None of the cordless phones were on the chargers while we were on vacation so I had to wait for one of them to charge long enough to dial out.
5. Had to have husband call Logan because I couldn't call long distance, well, without my cell phone.
6. The parking lot at Costco was insane and after patiently waiting for a parking space, with my turning signal clearly on, a clueless couple swiped it from me.
7. Was getting a giant bottle of Odwalla Blueberry B Monster and dropped it. The bottle busted open and splashed all over me and the yogurt display. I felt bad and I could smell it all the way home. Yuck.
8. The kids have colds which means stuffy noses, which means a long night.
9.  Eva asked if she could stop riding the bus home from school.  Come to find out her used-to-be-friend in second grade won't let Eva sit by her anymore.  Mean.  To Eva.  Mean to my five year old Eva.  What am I supposed to do?  I seriously don't think that Eva even realizes that kids are mean.  I think she thinks that is only for moms and bad guys on TV.  

and because I know that Calgon will not take me away, I will try to look on the positive side...

1. Just got back from vacation (will post about it as soon as I get my phone with my photos on it) and Husband drove the whole way so he must have been tired.
2. I ate a ton of super mega delicious food while on vacation.
3. Brother in law found my phone. On his driveway. No one ran over it. No one stole it. Lucky, huh?
4. Nice sample lady at Costco kindly let me use her paper towels and disinfectant spray to clean my hands, coat, and face.
5. A cold? Could be worse, right?
6.  Even though all these yucky things happened, I do realize that these things are fairly small.  Except for the mean girl.  I still don't know what to do about her.


Adri said...

Kids can be so mean. I'm sorry you had a bad day. That's good that you found your phone and it's all working still. I hope you have a better rest of the week.

Michelle said...

Oh Christina!! Sorry you had a horrible day. If only Calgon were that magical?!

I hate when kids are mean. I usually talk to them myself (in a nice loving way) and it clears things up, but I'm almost positive it embarrasses my kids at the same time. Oh well!

Heath'e' said...

I hate days like that, it's like a game to see just how many bad things can happen. At least you were able to see the silver lining, even though I'm sure It's not helping yet. Poor Eva. I hate mean kids. I hope it gets better for her!

Malea said...

If Calgon doesn't take you away, I will. Tell me where. We'll go:) Here's my attempt at empathy:


five-one-and-a-half said...

Sorry to hear about your crummy day. It is definitely hard when your kids don't get treated nicely by their "friends." I have grounded kids from my house after they were mean to one of my kids. I know in your head you can tell yourself that it's part of growing up and they have to learn to deal with mean people, but it still doesn't make it any easier.

Kathryn said...

Sorry to hear that Eva is experiencing bullying. I found two books written by Trudy Ludwig that I have read to my school class. They are "Just Kidding" and "My Secret Bully." I think reading and discussing them with my class helped them to recognize and stop bullying. Also, I hope you find your phone. Hope your week is improving!

Courtney said...

UGH! But one more bright thing: Only you could turn this into a post I would read. Every word. You are still amazing- even after A DAY!

amelia and crew said...

Yeah, what the heck?? Good thing Sam is still little, or I bet he'd fix that meanie.

Janine said...

Argh, I hate it when I hear about mean kids. Seriously, there oughta be a law...Jon Stewart had a funny bit about some kid being mean to his five-year-old. If I was good at delivery I would repeat it for you. Good for you for looking on the bright side.


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