Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Eva and So Samuel

Today, Eva had ballet class. I was doing my usual, "Hurry, get in the car! We have to go!" Eva was busy in her room doing her usual, making something. She walks out, hiding something behind her back. In the car she shows me that she has made construction paper bracelets for everyone in her dance class. She said she made them like peppermint. They had red stripes. She even had a roll of tape in her bag so they could tape them on. After class, all the moms were waiting and the assistant came out and said, "They will be out in a minute, they are passing out bracelets". All the girls came filing out super excited, "Mom, she gave me a paper bracelet!" As we were walking out little girls kept saying, "Thanks for the bracelet!" So Eva, so sweet.

And Samuel? This is how we went around in the grocery store. I finally had to kick him out when the groceries got too heavy in my arms.


Annie P said...

That is so cute. I love that she is so creative.

Kathryn said...

She is a crafter like her Mom. I can just imagine how cute the bracelets are. One thing I love about teaching school is that I often have children like Eva who like to make me little gifts and cards! She is really creative! Have a great Thanksgiving. Wish it was our turn to have you here. Grandma

Malea said...

I love that determined look on her face to "do her good in the world today". Your son, so totally boy. Cute cute.

Abbigail said...

so cute. My little one follows Samuuel's path. Man it is hard to stay patient with that. Laughable when it is over though. I love Eva.


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