Thursday, October 9, 2008

School Days... September

Trying to fight my saver instincts and hoping that taking pictures of the kids' school work will make it easier to pass it on to the recycling bin.
Eva's Kindergarten Work
It is hard to read what the orange piece of paper says. My friend, Kaori, was coming to stay and I told Eva that Kaori was going to stay in Eva's room which I thought would be fine since Eva ends up in our room every other night anyway. I guess knowing that I wouldn't take, "no" for an answer, Eva left this note for Kaori, which no one noticed until after Kaori left. The note read (from right to left, every letter perfectly backwards), "Kwotei am sore yoo kat slep in mi bed." (Translated: Kaori, I'm sorry. You can't sleep in my bed."
Samuel's art work from his first preschool. (Another reason why I am happy he changed schools: Looks like all the money we were paying them was NOT going to art supplies. The only mediums they seemed to believe in was white paper, black crayon, and paint).
Each day Samuel told me what he drew:
Day 1: Samuel (there were circles on both sides, but he knew exactly which one was his self portrait)
Day 2: Circle
Day 3: Circle
Day 4: Sun
Day 5: Farmer John
Day 6: Chicken
Day 7: Cow
This could all be titled "The Circle" or something like that. At least I know he learned how to draw a fabulous circle or any great variation of the circle.
Update: Samuel LOVES his new school. He says there is no mean teacher, the teacher loves having him in her class, he runs in when I drop him off (instead of the teachers ripping him out of the car), and he is proud of the stuff that he brings home... which is not just another two dimensional circle on white paper.


jeppsenfam said...

I found yours and Courtney's blog through Annie's blog. I LOVE it! You are so creative! What is your email address? Do you have any other ILP contacts besides Trish, Amy Annie you and Courtney? Trying to get something organized.

Emily said...

I love the school work - laughter about "the circle" collage especially. And it definitely looks like Eva is as artistic and creative as you!!!!

I totally can't keep up with your blog - you are WAY too cool to be my friend and you do WAY too many cool things!!!!!

And I know I've said this a million times but YOU TAKE THE BEST PICTURES!!!! I love it.


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