Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

This year Halloween is kind of like Hanukkah and we are celebrating it several days... just because we can, I guess. Trick or Treating Day 1: Hogle Zoo.
As much as I love shopping, I also love saving money and figuring out how to do it. Eva wanted to be Tinkerbell. So her dress is from her "Hot Hot Hot" dance performance. Olga helped me make a felt skirt ($1.10 for the felt and I had the ribbon) and wings and shoes from the dollar store ($2.00). I had the blue ribbon for her hair and the yarn for the pom poms for her shoes. Finally, I sprayed it all with glitter hair spray from Target ($1.35). Tinkerbell for less than 5 bucks!
Samuel wanted to be Speed Racer. The helmet is Eva's snowboarding helmet (no, she hasn't ever been snowboarding but, remember, we like to buy equipment) and I glued an M on it. I used an old blue t-shirt (courtesy of cousin Michael's DI pile) for the shirt. Olga help me big time on this one. We added a collar from a stained dress shirt that Samuel outgrew. For the pants, we used parts of Karl's old t-shirts. I had to buy the red socks ($1.25). The only orange gloves I could find were at the dollar store and men's so I made them smaller ($1.00). The lucky red scarf is from an old t-shirt also. Speed Racer for less than 3 dollars!
I know it might seem like a pain or a waste of time for some, but I seriously love doing it. I should be embarrased at how exciting it is for me to recycle all the stuff put it all together, but I'm not.

So, we go to the zoo, and it was, well, a zoo. It was so insanely crowded but the kids didn't seem to mind. We have been taking pictures on this elephant trunk for years. I am sad I don't have the ones from last year.

Anna (AKA Belle) was there with her family. They have a neat new merry go round that has all kinds of zoo animals. Okay, I just had to share... this beauty of a mullet was NOT part of his costume because last I checked no Star Wars person thing had hair like that. Karl was helping Samuel see the tiger.

I know this pictures might look the same but to me they each show much of Eva's personality. Oh, and, of course, Samuel's personality... he is digging into his candy the whole time.
Loving this stage in their lives.


Angela said...

Looks like fun. You are so creative. I love the kids costumes. Hope to see you at Christmas.
Oh, and Jax would also be digging into the candy the whole time too, but here he is wondering , "what the heck is this". Halloween Filipino style is definitely different. But an adventure, right?

Kris Tina said...

Nice Nice Nice work. I'm impressed with the budget and the finished product. So impressed that I vote you to tell me/show me/ or take a sewing class with me (but you seem to be much more advanced and I am not very flexible with my nights and you can cut in a straight line and I'm still working on it). But it would still be fun.

marilyn said...

You are quite amazing! The costumes are almost as cute as the kids!

marilyn said...
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Michelle said...

Adorable costumes, adorable kids. That photo of Eva looking over Karl's shoulder needs to be in a magazine or something.

Michelle said...

I love love LOVE that Eva is so girlie!! I wish Ella would be that way, but she always wants her hair down and doesn't like puffy sleeves and always always gets holes in her knees from playing kitty or doggy on the ground getting dirty.

Emily said...

I've always been amazed by your dollar store prowess.

Also, I just LOVE that picture of Eva looking over Karl's shoulder. It's perfect.

Abbigail said...

love love love the costumes for under five bucks. Kitty's costume was also under five bucks, but I got it at the thrift store, so not as crafty. I usually like to spend a ton of cash on her costumes, but she really liked the horsie. SO be it.
Thanks for the tip on the Eric Carle letters, I will have to look online.

mmm.chocolate said...

I guess I should be embarrassed by how excited I am for you to put together those adorable costumes for so cheap! But, I love it. I love when people are all clever like that. The costumes turned out perfect. We were at Boo at the Zoo too. Strange we didn't see each other in that sea of humanity :-).

Heath'e' said...

What fun! Who wouldn't love 4 days of Halloween!! You did a great job with the costumes! I love a good bargain, and do it yourself-ers.


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