Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eva... Citizen of the Week

Last week, Eva was Citizen of the Week. That meant that we made a poster with her favorite stuff for Monday and did a report on a historical figure on Friday. She got Davey Crockett. I told her the stuff I could find on line and then she just started making the pictures and the house. The teacher said we could bring a treat. I am never one to pass up on treats but couldn't think of anything Davey Crocket-ish. I don't know exactly what frontiersmen ate but I do know bear meat and coffee would have gone over well in kindergarten. I called my sister for ideas (I swear, we are always calling each other for this sort of stuff) and she gave me the idea to wrap some trail mix in a little bit of cheap brown material to make it like a pouch. Proudly, it turned out very frontiersman-ish.
Eva was a champ and sang the first verse the the Ballad of Davey Crockett. I got it on video but don't know how to edit it to just the song. I will post it if I get the time to figure it out.


Pete said...

Nothing more American than Davy Crockett. I might have gone for something like beef jerky given Crockett's hunting background. Or bear meat - I think the kids would have loved it. Where do you find bear meat I wonder?

Angela said...

Too cute. That hat is hilarious. I remember my brother having one of those. The poster turned out great. Looks like she is loving school.

Kathryn Geddes said...

Impressive! Davy Crockett would have been proud. It looks like she did a great job. Her art work is amazing for Kindergarten. I have fourth graders who cannot draw as well as she does. Everything looked great. She is a tough act to follow. I feel sorry for next weeks citizen. Love, Grandma

mmm.chocolate said...

Eva is such an adorable citizen of the week. She should really bring coonskin caps back in style ;-). Way to put together an awesome presentation!


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