Monday, July 28, 2008

Reason #562 That I Heart Being a Pack Rat

When your computer freaks out again and the computer fixer guy says that the screen is dead and that it will cost $300 (it was going to be less, of course) to replace it, you have a spare computer screen just hanging around. Yep, all you keep-it-simple people, an entire computer screen just cluttering up my house. So, feeling very MacGyver, I just hooked it up. When this one is completely useless, I will consider Mac... because all five of you said to.


Marilyn said...

We had to replace 1-computer tower after ours crashed, 2-computer keyboard after ours refused to ever work again, 3-computer monitor at office after original one sent out puffs of smoke. The weird thing is, we had a complete, identical computer in the basement that we weren't even using, so it cost us nothing to replace! When will we need that extra printer?!
Aunt ML

Adri said...

I would love a Mac. I haven't had one but have heard great things from Mac owners. Sorry you have had computer problems, that's so frustrating.

Courtney said...

I heart that you are a pack rat. I am hoping that if (should I say when) my Dell goes the route of yours, that you will have another extra just sitting around.


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