Friday, July 11, 2008

The 3rd of July

This is the day that Eva learned to blow a bubble. This is the day that Dad and Uncle Ryan reminded Samuel that you can do stick a helicopter seed thing on your nose when they are still green. This is the day that we got to spend time with Abbi, Ryan and cute Freya (I always forget to take family pictures). This is the day we went and watched the big show, loaded with lots of local talent and great fireworks up at USU. This is the day Grandma and Grandpa Geddes housed us all... thank you! (and thank you for the great food and letting us swim the next day)


Courtney said...

What a bubble milestone- my kids still haven't mastered it, but the trying has provided several car trips worth of entertainment so I am not sure I want them to get it just yet. Anything that entertains in the car- I vote for.

mmm.chocolate said...

I love Samuel's cape! What a great idea for the 4th (well, I guess the 3rd in this case). My kids love capes. And, Eva's red, white and blue are adorable too. Love the bow!


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