Monday, May 26, 2008

Samuel Samuel Samuel

Eva and Samuel spend a lot of time playing together. Samuel, being Samuel, teases Eva and frustrates her every once in a while. From the looks of this sign on her door it looks like she needed a break.
Here are some quotes from Samuel from the past couple of days that I don't want to forget:
To me, referring to the wrinkles on my forhead while I am focusing- "Do those bumps make you mad?"
Describing what made him happy today- "That you have a body, that I have a body, that Santa is my friend, for you, and my house."
When he was trying to get out of going to sleep tonight- "Is is Sunday?" Me, "Yes." Samuel, "Then it is time to get out of bed." I guess the idea of the sun and daytime? Kind of makes sense, huh? I had to explain that even though it is Sunday, the moon was out and it was, in fact, night.
Friday night Karl and I were up watching my all time favorite show So You Think You Can Dance that I recorded the day before. 12:30 a.m., Samuel comes walking out of his room, looks in the cupboard, then walks straight out to the garage. We had no idea what he was doing. He was like a little animal scurrying around. He came back in and said he was looking for his "Crunchies." My mom had given him a bag of Japanese crackers earlier that evening. We gave him the (unopened) bag and he walked into his room to go to bed. He wanted to sleep with the bag!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you wrote this stuff down. These are the types of things you want to bring out as they get older and show them. Your kids are so witty and quick. I am not surprised.

Anonymous said...

You guys are making me laugh so much .And for free .That's awesome !!!

Abbigail said...

Sounds like Kitty takes after her cousins. She is terrible at going to sleep and we are terrible and enforcing any rules. UGH parenting is so hard. she rules us most of the time.

Emily said...

ha ha I love the sign. It's such a girl thing - I TOTALLY MADE SIGNS LIKE THAT WHEN I WAS A KID!!!!!

My boys just shove and kick when they don't want the other one around.

Kathryn said...

I am really glad you have "You might also like ... " on your Blog. I have come across a few posts I missed when you originally posted them. This is one of them. I love how your discriptions of the kids helps me to feel closer to them, to you and to your family. Thanks for the BLOG!


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