Friday, May 23, 2008

One Hundred Twenty Six Dollars and Twenty Eight Cents Later...

After disappointing Karl with their lack of gear, we took a trip to Sports Authority...
I think we bought almost everything you could possibly buy for to two toddlers to play t-ball.
As you can see, the equipment does not a t-ball player make.

Here is the glove being used as a mask...

...or a hat.

Here is the glove being abandoned in the outfield for cartwheels...
...or for some relaxing.
Not shown are the times that the stuff was abandoned because the playground was way more appealing than the game.
Here is Samuel on third base.
So, t-ball is over for the season and here are some reasons you may see us at t-ball again.
1)The kids begged us to sign up again (seems unlikely)
2)We need some more good laughs
3)We need to get our money's worth out of this equipment


Jorja said...

Sign up again! We'll be on your team. It's all about the laughs right?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted this. This is so true. We spend so much money and then this. I know this is how it starts and the experience is what they need, but isn't it just hilarious! I love the one where Samuel is lying down.


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