Thursday, April 17, 2008

T-ball! Our first game...

Samuel spent most of the time rolling in the grass and climbing all over Karl.

He did attempt to get the ball a few times. This time two other kids had the same idea.

Look at that sad face... someone else got the ball before Samuel.

First, he hits the ball and just stands there. We get him to run to first with pointing, running, and shouting. When it is time to run to second he just took off.
Here he is pausing to play with his helmet (the field looked like it was full of these little Darth Vaders with those tiny bodies and huge helmets) then he takes off again.

He ran out of our field and I couldn't catch up I was laughing so hard. So, Karl takes off after him. When Samuel saw Karl coming he started booking it across the park.

Karl finally caught him and brought him back to third base.

There are two reasons why Eva is sitting down eating chips during her T-ball game 1)She is sick and needed to rest and stay away from other kids 2)She is my kid and that is usually why I go to any sort of sporting event.

Notice her cute shoes. Karl came home and was so disappointed that they weren't properly geared up. He said, "I thought you were taking care of it." In my mind I did... coordinating Chuck Taylors, jeans and white turtlenecks to look just right under their mammoth t-shirts... tasty treats and 100% fruit juice...Well, apparently they needed sporty pants, mitts, and silly details like that. Whoops!


Kris Tina said...

Wow - apparently we need to send Ross right on over to give them some tips. After all, he really does love to play t-ball.

Adri said...

Awwwhhhh... t-ball that is so cute. We don't do any of that boy stuff. I feel bad for Brett all this girly stuff.

Jensen family said...

How fun! I can't wait to get Lukas in T-ball. Love your cute blog's!

Grandma Geddes said...

What fun! Wish we could be to every game. Send us a schedule and maybe we can come down for a game. Sorry to hear you have all been sick.

We LOVE the new blog!

Love always,
Grandma Kathryn

Paula Oliveira said...

You take the best pictures ever !I just love them .It's always good to read your new posts.

Courtney said...

Will you please come and document my kids' sporting events? I feel like I was there- seriously. Those pictures are priceless. I'll give you a juice box and a granola bar- promise. Soccer on Saturday.

Anderson Family said...

I am so glad you have a blog. I got the link off of Abbi's blog. Your kids are so cute. I love the picture of Eva just sitting in the chair. That would have been me when I was little. The picture of Karl hugging Samuel is priceless. Love it!

KS said...

That is hilarious. What an experience. I remember watching my sisters little boy when he first started. He is 10 now, so a lot has changed. But I remember watching little boys pick there noses, play in the dirt, run from bees, lay on the ground, stare at the airplanes flying over head, etc. It is kind of funny to watch. I think that is what it is all about at this age. Oh and I thought the kids looked great! What does Karl know about what they need. I think you had it dialed in!


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