Monday, March 31, 2008

Sick Winter

Eva just gave me this card:
"I had to stay home cuz I was sick. I did not like staying home."
Last week I woke up to this pop-popping sound. At first I thought is was Eva hiding by my bed making the noise somehow. Turns out it was Samuel wiggling his toe, he was thrilled with the noise it was making and said, "I sound like a horse!" I was grossed out because it was making something in his ankle pop everytime he did it. He then complained about his ankle hurting. Since my sister and my friend, Kristi, (two of the best moms I know) have both ignored their sons complaints when they had actual broken arms, I got all concerned and took him in to the doctor. Turns out it was nothing, it is just a freakish thing that Samuel can do with his foot.
So, today I was back at the doctor's office with Eva, who has croup. The doctor saw us and said, "What tricks are you guys going to show us today?" I asked him if I could get a punch card for all of my visits (he saw both kids with croup last month and, of course, the toe). He answered, "Yeah, like Cafe Rio, your 11th visit is free." Eva is sad that she couldn't go to preschool. She wasn't sad until she realized that she wasn't going to be able to ride in the car that she thinks is the best one in the carpool... a minivan with a tv and occasional snacks.
I hesitate to complain. Abbi, my sister in law, is very very sick right now. She has been in the hospital since the 18th with strep, pneumonia, and then ARDS. I feel so bad for her. For an update on her, check out her blog: Her husband, Ryan, has been updating it.

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