Sunday, January 27, 2008

the food we eat

Sunday dinner is my favorite. Because I don't have to make it. My mom does. And she is such a great cook.
She is always studying recipe books and magazines and trying new recipes. She also brings out old favorites. So comforting, so healthy, so beautiful.

Onabe (hot pot) and chicken karage.
Shrimp and cucumber in vinegar. This is one of my favorites. So refreshing.
Shrimp salad. I have memories of this from my childhood.
Miso soup is always a staple.
Edamame is a kid pleaser. Actually, we all love it.
Ika shoyu yaki (grilled squid). So foreign for some, but we love foreign. The best was at the Japanese summer festivals and they would have this on a stick.
This is one of the spreads. Just for us. Just because it is Sunday. Amazing. I am so grateful.

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